New York City

No one that I know that has been to NY has not loved it. Anyone who has been to the US says forget the stereo types it is a big country, it’s great, there are all types of people and circumstances. I’ve been here four days and most of my prejudices are being confirmed. Don’t get me wrong we are having a ball. This city is vibrant, huge, never stops; never seems to slow down even (Not that I can confirm the hours from 2am to 7am). The stereotypes stand though, the food is too salty for me, too much, much too much. The poverty and class and racial divides seem to be huge. I suppose magnificent tall, modern buildings don’t do as much for me as magnificent ancient buildings do because I am not overawed by NY like I have been in the cities of Europe. I have got a stiff neck though. Central Park is magnificent but because of the grid pattern of the streets there are not many other parks or little squares in Manhattan, only Broadway enables the monotony of intersections to be broken. They are doing a great job with the piers and foreshore parks, it is a blessed relief to get down their.
Four Middle aged Aussie friends have walked across Brooklyn Bridge and up into Brooklyn, caught the ferry to Stratin Island and admired the lady. She was a lot smaller than my imagination had built her up to be, but magnificent alone on her island. We wanted to see the sun set from the top of the Rockefella building but by the time we had battled the alternately crawling and then surging cues to get to the top it was well and truly dark. We discussed whether the sight was beautiful and decided that was not the right adjective. Awesome, incredible, BIG, “”bright””, a monument to all the little workers and queens that had lived and worked down there for decades. The termite metaphor works on a number of levels. There is beauty in the Frick Museum (now that’s a house), and in Central Park. We rode bikes around Central Park the other day after doing battle with the bike hire hawkers as soon as we emerged from the subway. Following a man from Algiers blocks from the park we found to our surprise a good business and great bikes. You need 3 hours at least, it is beautiful but you can’t get a decent cup of coffee. After declaring the cliches confirmed here’s one shattered. The land of service and smiles has two levels of service. The commission salespeople who service you to within an inch of your life and the Footlocker staff who don’t give a shit.
I have bought 12 pairs of socks for $7 and Kim has found a pair of shoes on 5th Avenue that make her really happy. She has just got to negotiate the sale of Some real estate to afford them. About a week to go and a few days up the coast yet so well see how the prejudices go.


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One Response to “New York City”

  1. lachlan lee Says:

    You need to be going out seeing the nightlife and drink too much of the booze. Then the next day you will appreciate the simplicity of the gridded streets, the large salty portions of food and You won’t have a sore neck because you in a cab rather than walking. It probably doesn’t help if you get claustrophobic in Glebe either.

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