Cape Cod

On ferry returning from a day on Nantucket which seems to be closing down for winter. Stunning day, very large houses- many of which are closed down- lots of money. Barman tells us that the season starts up again in April. Very nice clothes shops apparently, fantastic museum. Apparently Nantucket was the capital of the whaling industry in the 19th century. It’s doing pretty well on tourism now though.
Got to drive back to Provincetown which will be ok. I have a tendency to drift to the right; apart from this and Kim’s exclamations and instructions it’s easy.


2 Responses to “Cape Cod”

  1. Arthur Says:

    Capn Ahab’s ship, can’t remember the name, set sail from Nantucket on her voyage & final confrontation with Moby Dick.

  2. viewfromthefarm Says:

    Certainly did, they’ve madean industry of him on Nantucket. Midnight in LA have got to board

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