My name is Rob Lee, I farm sheep, cattle and crops in the central west of NSW. I am a businessman, a capitalist and have grown up dealing with free and volatile markets for the products that I produce. Given that background and the fact that my family have been farming here as long as Europeans have been here, conservative voting is in my blood.

I have started this blog which was done for me by my daughter because I am very concerned by the spectre of climate change and our society’s response to it.

Although some regard the writing of letters to newspapers a sad and futile pursuit a letter to my local paper just might help form the opinion of someone who would not otherwise engage with the subject. That can’t be bad. If you can find the letters here, please leave a comment.

This blog will be very intermittant. I’ll be back sometime.



5 Responses to “About”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hi Robert, just read your letter in the Molong Express 7/7/11 and wanted to say well said again. Keep up the good work. Regards.

  2. Geoff Crocker Says:

    G’day Rob, your recent letter to the MX spoke of “all the positive feedback” for your comments. I can find one on this site. Could you direct me to the others?
    Regards, Geoff Crocker.

  3. viewfromthefarm Says:

    I think you are being harsh. I look below and I can see 5 very positive comments. As you can see I don’t get a lot of visitors to my blog but I have actually recieved some support via snail mail. Most of my friends stay quiet unless they want to agree, but many do agree.
    While I have your attention, you seem like an inteligent bloke. How do you test the veracity of the information that you recieve? Do you judge from the reputation of the source? If you read something that is obviously spurious, do you discount the rest of what this commentator has to say? I do think we all tend to judge information from the viewpoint of our preconceived ideas and self interest. To be honest, after reading some of your articles in the Express on this subject I do tend to discount most of what you write.

  4. viewfromthefarm Says:

    I realise why you only found one comment. If you look at the letters to the newspaper, there are comments under each letter.

  5. Geoff Crocker Says:

    Hi Rob, I spend much time researching for my writings. Regarding the climate debacle there are very few in the world who understand it all. You choose to believe your research and I mine, they are opposed. Time will decide who was right. Or, will you “discount” that also?
    Perhaps you might give us your views on out “freedoms” particularly print media?
    Regards, Geoff.

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