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New York update

October 24, 2012

I forgot to mention the show. The Book of Mormon is the best musical I’ve seen (I’ve seen 3), sacrilegious, very rude, hilariously funny with great songs all put together smoothly and with apparent ease. It mercilessly ridicules the Mormon religion and religion in general. It questions the relevance of our western stories to other cultures facing huge problems in their everyday lives. It then draws you to the conclusion;- happy or sad, depending on your point of view- that we are all susceptible to the same message delivered in stories that are relevant to our own lives. Haven’t laughed so much since……..

New York is not just another city it is cities within a city. One week touristing gave us but a glimpse. I think it is about the people more than the buildings. Their history and their achievements, all over the place. The tenement buildings in the lower east was a fascinating area. We wandered aimlessly around Greenwich Village and walked the high line to dinner at “Pastis” in Chelsea, had a few beers on pier 26 looking over the Hudson to New Jersey. A fantastic place to spend time with friends and to shop.

On the train to Providence and thence to Cape Cod. I can see the autumn colours everywhere and can feel the cares of the city peel off (until I start to drive that is). The Europeans must have thought they’d found Eden when they landed in this place.